Natural Contraception

Natural Contraception

Natural Contraception is a method of preventing pregnancy.

A natural form of birth control is one of the most commonly utilized means of regulating one’s reproductive capacity. Some faiths and cultural beliefs forbid the use of artificial contraceptives or birth control medications. These women choose the natural birth control technique since it is more acceptable to them. In this approach, couples refrain from having sexual relations during the woman’s reproductive phase, which is followed by a time of periodic abstinence.

Natural birth control methods include the rhythm method, also known as the calendar method, the regular days method, the sympto-thermal approach, and the withdrawal method, among others.

Three assumptions underpin the rhythm technique, which is used to facilitate sexual intercourse. The first is that ovulation happens fourteen days before the onset of menstruation, which is the most common. This technique likewise relies on the assumption that the sperm will remain viable for three days and that the ovum will survive for twenty-four hours in order to be successful. Women can make decisions about their abstinence days by keeping these beliefs in mind. Over a period of time, the regular day approach gradually supplanted the rhythm method. A period begins on the first day of the month, which is called “day one” in accordance with standard day system. From day one to day seven, women can engage in unprotected sexual activity. From days eight to nineteen, they should abstain from sexual activity. They will be able to engage in unprotected sexual activity again from day twenty until the next cycle.

Withdrawal is a form of natural birth control in which the male removes his penis from the woman’s vagina prior to ejaculation, therefore preventing pregnancy. Due to the fact that the guy must have sufficient control to withdraw in time, this approach does not always succeed. The Sympto-thermal technique is also a highly effective natural birth control method that is safe and effective. The following information should be recorded by women who use this method: cervical mucous signs, waking or basal body temperatures, and menstrual cycle histories. The date on which the mucus was identified is recorded first in this approach. The end of the fertile phase is indicated by the temperature of the basal body fluids (BBT). As the temperature rises, it will be possible to resume sexual relations. It usually takes one to two days after ovulation for the temperature to begin rising, which correlates to the increasing level of progesterone in the body.

Natural birth control options enable a woman to have a better awareness of her own reproductive system. There are no negative side effects from using these procedures. Natural birth control methods do not entail the administration of medicines or the use of chemicals. When compared to other forms of birth control, natural birth control is the most affordable option available. Such techniques can also be used to help women become pregnant. Natural birth control methods need dedication and meticulous recording of data. Those who have regular and predictable menstrual cycles will benefit the most from this treatment.



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