Against Drug Abuse

Against Drug Abuse

Preventing Substance Abuse

When it comes to today’s societal problems, the use of mind-altering drugs and hallucinogenic chemicals became popular in the 1960s, alongside the growth in sexual promiscuity, gang violence, youth rebellion, and many other social oddities, this was a watershed moment in history. This is also the period during which we would begin to witness the beginnings of the breakdown of the conventional family structure, which is a critical component of any drug usage prevention campaign. As a result, dealing with this potentially dangerous part of today’s society has become more difficult. To be clear, this does not imply that drug usage prevention is impossible; rather, it just means that it is more difficult when there is little or no family support.

So, how do we deal with a problem that has existed for 50 years?

“Early education” may be summarized in two words. In this day and age, we cannot afford to wait until a kid has passed through his or her difficult years and has progressed into the teenage and adolescent periods of their lives before we begin to speak to them about the hazards of becoming involved with drugs. The fact that we live in a corrupt culture means that our children are exposed to the faults and ugliness of society virtually from the moment they are conceived. They sit in front of the television and witness violence and drug usage. Drugs and gang violence have even found their way into the computer games that children are playing. Children growing up in inner cities across the United States are all too familiar with the neighborhood dealers who operate in their neighborhoods. And so it goes on and on and on.

An successful drug abuse prevention program, then, must begin at an early age in the child’s life in order to be genuinely effective. Because, after all, we’re dealing about prevention, which by definition means “to refuse to permit.” Once a person becomes engaged with drugs, they have progressed past the stages of prevention and into the stages of curing and rehabilitation.

Early education on the dangers of drug use may and should take many various forms, and it should involve members of all segments of society, as has been demonstrated in several studies. First and foremost, the kid need the supervision of his or her parents. Unfortunately, as previously said, today’s family structure may not always be perfect or as strong as it should be for a variety of factors that are beyond our control. The effectiveness of a drug misuse prevention program for children and adolescents, however, is dependent on the presence of some sort of organized leadership inside the household.

We have a big job on our hands as educators and teachers in our school system to convince them of the hazards that await them when they take their first whiff of Pot. It is imperative that our educational system take a more proactive part in this attempt, since more often than not, young children have specific instructors who they see as role models, and it is these individuals who can actually make a difference in this struggle. Clergy and other religious groups have the ability and responsibility to do more. They bear as much responsibility as anybody else for this situation since they are leaders in their communities.

What about the rest of us, do you think? Alternatively, should we just sit back and wait for the government to come up with effective drug usage prevention legislation and policies? If that’s what you’ve been looking forward to… Wishing you the best of luck! And if you believe that there is nothing you can do to assist in resolving this situation, you are gravely mistaken, for there is a great deal you can do, including the following:

Initiate an after-school mentorship program for students.
Coaching softball, flag football, or soccer is an option.
Become a tutor for others. Assist children with their schoolwork
Give a youngster a part-time job after school.
Participate in a “Big Brother/Big Sister” organization, among other things.
If enough of us can figure out how to get ourselves right in the center of a kid’s free time, we can become part of the most successful drug usage prevention program that has ever been created, according to research. “It takes a community to raise a child,” Hillary Clinton famously stated at one point. And she was absolutely correct.

Preventing Drug Abuse in Sports: What Can Be Done?

In the whole field of drug addiction, one of the most terrible phenomena that has recently emerged is the increase in drug usage among our nation’s top athletes. These men and women are our heros, and we salute them. Our children look up to them and aspire to be as successful as they are. Develop a drug misuse prevention program for athletes, since this is very critical to their success. The importance of this is shown when we examine the number of bodybuilders, wrestlers, football players, and other athletes whose lives were cut short as a result of substance misuse.

The competitive nature of sports is essential to its survival. Being the best version of yourself. Being able to get a competitive advantage over the competition. In the process of searching for that “one little item” that would give them an advantage and make them quicker, larger, and stronger, our bright young men and women put their lives in danger. Clearly, finding a solution to the problem of drug usage prevention among our young athletes will be a difficult undertaking. But it is possible, and it must be done.

One method that may be considered is to use the athletes who are misusing performance-enhancing drugs.

“I’m ill, and I’m afraid of what could happen. Ninety percent of the athletes I am familiar with are taking it. We are not born with the ability to lift 300 pounds or jump 30 feet. However, I was taking steroids the entire time… All of my hair has fallen out, I walk with a wobble and must lean on someone for assistance, and I’m having problems remembering some things. My final desire is that no one else ever has to die in this manner.”

These are the last words said by Lyle Alzado, a former professional football player who died as a result of his steroid usage. Perhaps a program requiring athletes found guilty of drug misuse to spend time with young high school and college aspirants, warning them of the perils of using performance-enhancing substances might save many lives.

Drug Abuse Prevention in the Legal System:

Finally, let’s speak about the “pill poppers” for a moment. You know those individuals who believe they will die if they do not take their painkillers, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, muscle relaxants, and other medications? This group of people may turn out to be the most straightforward to assist with a drug misuse prevention program. For the most part, these folks have gotten themselves sick largely as a result of eating insufficient and nutritionally deficient diets; thus, I say this. The ancient saying, “You are what you eat,” is true in so many ways. Eaten in large quantities, chemically processed meals and high-trans-fat fast foods are beginning to have an impact on American society and a variety of other civilizations across the world.

Many of the diseases that result in loss of sleep, muscular tension, hyperactivity, and other disorders that require persons to seek medication treatment from their physicians to combat these afflictions are caused by a lack of easily available excellent nutritious nutritional meals.

If you can solve the country’s food-nutrition problems, you could well be on the verge of discovering another successful drug addiction prevention strategy for a large number of pill poppers.


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